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August 23
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// Modern AU! //

The summer heat started getting to you, causing you to perspire excessively under your baggy shirt. You were sprawled out on the cool wooden floor of your best friend’s room, desperately trying to stay in range of the single rotating fan he used because apparently his ancient air-conditioning system finally broke down like you always said it would, but he never listened.


“I’m evaporating,” you groaned, sitting up and leaning your back against the side of the bed. You began fanning yourself with a folder you pulled out from his backpack. He turned from his desk where he was doing some school work to look back at you.


“That’s got my 60 point essay in it! Put it back (y/n),” he exclaimed, following his words with a deep and tired sigh. He stood up and took it from your hands, carefully shoving it back into his bag and moving it away from your reach. You whined, dragging yourself onto the folds of his bed and settling for mumbling complaints into his sweet smelling pillow.


“I’ve got some ice cream in the fridge if you want some,” you shot straight up at his words.


“Eren! Really? You waited this long to tell me that,” you ran straight out of the room, opening the freezer and grabbing the most favorable flavor out of the bunch. This was all normal behavior, the place was basically your second home.

You then checked the fridge and found some chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a jar of cherries.


“Sunday~,” you lamely hollered to the empty room, grabbing two bowls from the covert and two spoons from the drawer. You lightly jogged back to the room, where he was still glued to his desk.


“Break time!” you loudly put down the materials onto the cluster-free area of his work-place, running towards the closet to pull out the short folding table. You could hear his chair squeak under the pressure of him stretching his sore back.


“I’ll get it,” he stood up, getting it from your hands and opening the thing.  You went over to the desk and picked back up the materials, placing them back down on the finished table.


“I didn’t know we still had those,” Eren spoke as he sat on the floor, reaching out towards the syrup and examining the expiration date.


“Is it still good?” He nodded. You grinned and began scooping the ice cream into your bowl.


“That’s too much.”


“Your face is too much.”


“How old are you?” He scoffed.


“How old are you?” You copied in a high pitched manner. He chose not to respond, taking the tub from you and ignoring the stare you were giving him for it.


“So how did your class with Mr. “Tyrion” Ackerman?” you asked, snickering at one of your Game of Thrones references, well at least Eren enjoyed them too.


“Horrible,” he frowned, “the guy deducted points for ‘unnecessary marks’ on my paper. I was just testing out my dying pen though,” you laughed at his expense, putting a thin layer of syrup on and topping your melting masterpiece off with a thick layer of whip cream.


“At least I am actually passing the subject,” he mocked, smiling like an idiot despite your audible cursing. You grabbed the cherry jar without breaking the deadly eye contact with the turquoise-eyed boy.


“Shut up.” You fumed while he continued on with his bowl, skipping the syrup and whip cream and then attempting to grab the cherry jar that was still in your hands only to have you pull it away at the last second.


“Come on, you have enough on there already,” you huffed and handed it over, shoveling the cool goodness into your mouth.


“You know what,” you randomly spoke up after three spoonfuls, “I bet you can’t tie a cherry knot with your tongue.”


“I bet you I can,” he interjected.


“Nope, cause only good kissers can do it.”


“How would you know and the saying is ‘those who can tie cherry knots with their tongues are good kissers’.”


“What’s the difference?” you asked, taking in the cherry stem into your mouth, “Just do it.”


“Fine then,” he said after swallowing a spoonful of his ice cream, plucking the stem from the fruit.

It’s been a few minutes before you stuck your tongue out, revealing the knot with a proud look on your face.


“Read em’ and weep boy,” you beamed with the thing still in your mouth.


“Shut up, this takes some time.” He grew agitated while his cheeks began to turn red in embarrassment.


“You just can’t do it,” you teased, finding his struggling amusing.


“You know that saying about good kissers and cherry stems is total bull right?” He tried defending himself to lessen the blow on his big ego.


“Whatever you say,” you rolled your eyes, spitting the stem out into a tissue and starting back on the melting goodness till you were left with the soupy mesh. You grabbed the bowl and brought the edge to your mouth, savoring all that remained.


After finishing you looked at the struggling boy to see him suddenly jerk his arms down.


“What did you just do?” you suspiciously called out, leering at him with an overly dramaticized look on your face.


“Nothing,” he guiltily turned his burning face away from yours. You got up, kneeling down directly in front of him, and staring at him straight in the eyes.


“You cheated didn’t you,” he feverishly shook his head at your assumption.


“Show it,” he shook his head again, refusing to open his mouth.


“I swear to god Eren if you don’t show me I’m gonna open your mouth myself,” you shook off the unnecessary thought that suddenly came to mind.


“Do it then,” he said with his mouth barely opening, like that of a ventriloquist. The tension in the room began to build with the few seconds of silence.


“Fine,” you tried to grab the sides of his mouth to try to pry them open but he shut them too tight for you to get a proper grip. You grew frustrated with each second, your fingers started to hurt and you knew this was starting to hurt him.


“I will fucking kiss you Eren so help me god, just show me it!” he froze at your last resort, panning his eyes to the right as if he were thinking about it. He soon shrugged and stayed as he was with a smug expression on his face.


“I will do it you know,” he smirked. He didn’t either believe you would or maybe he wanted you to, you weren’t sure, the second option sounded outrageously false though. You glared at him for a while longer before slowly leaning closer. This was a game of gay chicken, but in a weird, hard-to-describe mode.

Eren didn’t look like he was going to break soon, in fact, he looked more flustered than anything as you brought yourself close enough that your noses brushed. You stopped, offering him one last chance.


“I’m telling you-“


“I know,” he slid his hand around your head, sweeping some of your (h/c) colored hair behind your ear and gliding his fingers around to the nape of your neck, abruptly pulling you in and closing that distance.


Eren still tasted like the ice cream. You lightly clawed at his back while his hands slowly trailed down, snaking around your waist, bringing your body even closer to his. You felt his tongue brush against your bottom lip and you shivered, allowing him access to which he happily took advantage of, exploring every inch that he could.

You gasped slightly, causing him to smirk. The domination shifted as you now took over. His moan sent waves of chills surging down your spine as the session became more heated. You found it a bit ironic how you started out trying to avoid the heat but you didn't mind this kind at all.

Minutes seemed like hours as you had to reluctantly pulled away for air. He looked disappointed despite his ragged breaths.

You now felt the familiar object in now your mouth.


“Told you,” he panted, grinning while resting his forehead against yours. You shook your head at his arrogance with a wide smile on your face.


“You’re stupid,” you playfully teased.


“Your face is stupid,” he joyfully retorted, pulling you back into his arms, ready for another round.

Happy two months on DA for mee~~ //pops party poppers and gets scared of the loud noises

annnd this is where I start planning everything out!
hehhh! Im gonna write a Rin oneshot because of something I learned from shark week HAHA! //shot

Picture used isn't mine~ Was gonna draw one but THEN I GOT LAZY WEEE~!
                          Fool Emoji-37 (Waving and Crying) [V3] 
Critiques, Corrections and Comments are greatly welcomed with my poopy arms!!
just go easy on this tired ass heart Ollies over the lazy dog
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I Laughed At How Creative This Story Was Written.


I Give It An 11/10~! 
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Omigosh I love this story so much! >//////<
I'm jealous of them. I can never figure out how anyone can tie a cherry stem into a knot except with their fingers! >.<
Spandix Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Eren's a cheater huehuehue 'v'

I caught my friend doing it once, it was hillarious!

and thank you so much!!
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